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Walimex pro Full HD monitor Director III Set

€369.00 *

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  • Monitor set comprising a monitor, battery, swivel arm and swivel arm anti-twist lock... more
    Product information "Walimex pro Full HD monitor Director III Set"
    • Monitor set comprising a monitor, battery, swivel arm and swivel arm anti-twist lock
    • brilliant image thanks to full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,200)
    • IPS LCD panel ensure a realistic image
    • Monitor brightness of 450 cd / m²
    • with HDMI and AV input
    • Focus assistant, zebra, histogram, false colour and much more
    • Also included is the Walimex pro NP-F charger 1000mA, with which you can charge the included NP-F960 Li-Ion battery in a short time.

    External monitor to work with comfort
    When filming with DSLR and CSC cameras, external monitors and crucial. It is especially difficult to judge the sharpness on small camera monitors. A large display and a focus assistant (peaking) zebra marking for over-exposed areas are important aids and are often essential for obtaining quality, professional films.

    IPS LCD display with full HD resolution
    IPS LCD displays are suitable for recording films thanks to their high level of colour precision and strong colour representation. IPS technology (In-Plane Switching) reduces the image angle dependency of the contrast. This means that colours and contrast change less, even if the image angle changes.

    Software assistants for technical support
    The walimex pro Director III has all current assistants to help you when filming. A focus assistant reproduces contrast edges in colour. This feature helps to produce tracking shots faster and more accurately. The zebra setting marks overexposed areas. The sensitivity of the brightness display can be set at 5 % steps. A histogram can also be used to check the distribution of areas of brightness. To monitor the sound signal, a volume display can be attached. The incoming sound signal can be monitored via a 3.5 mm jack socket.

    Acoustic feedback of the sound signal
    Feedback can occur if a loudspeaker echoes the signal of a microphone and at the same time the microphone records this signal again. The signal is increased, reproduced via the loudspeaker and there is an electro-acoustic loop. The walimex pro Director III has a loudspeaker box to reproduce filmed recordings acoustically at the same time. During the filming process, the Director III offers the following features to prevent feedback: 1. Turn to the volume of the monitor to "zero". 2. In the menu, turn the "mute" switch to "on". 3. Use a headset. 4. Make sure there is enough space between the monitor and the microphone (external).

    Swivel arm and anti-twist lock
    The set comprises a Magic 18 swivel arm and a walimex pro anti-twist lock. The walimex pro swivel arm anti-twist lock prevents the swivel arms becoming loose because of the lever action on the joint between a ¼ screw and the hole.

    Simple and safe assembly
    The lower part of the anti-twist safeguard can be attached simply with two 1/4 inch screws (provided) to a rig or cage. The adapter is made so that the swivel arm can be attached to other surfaces, if desired, such as to wood or concrete. Two elongated holes ensure that the holes can be spread at varying distances from each other. The swivel arm is screwed into the 1/4 inch inner thread of the anti-twist safeguard using its 1/4 inch threaded bolts and can also be fixed with the wing bolt provided.
    The upper part of the anti-twist safeguard is fixed in place once the swivel arm has been screwed in using an Allen key, too. An Allen key has been provided. Accessories that have to be assembled on the swivel arm are placed on the accessory slot, and simply attached using a 1/4 inch screw. It is no longer necessary to laboriously screw the accessories on to the swivel arm. The screw has recesses so that it can be tightened with the Allen key. Additionally, a rubber plate on the accessory slot prevents slipping.

    Made in Germany
    The walimex pro swivel arm anti-twist safeguard was designed and made in Germany with the utmost level of precision. Continuous quality inspections ensure the very best quality and durability, even when used continuously in tough conditions.

    display Size (Zoll): 7 Zoll
    Auflösung: 1920x1200 (Full HD) Pixel
    Displaygröße (cm): 17,8 cm
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    1x Walimex pro DSLR Gelenkarm Swivel Arm Magic 18

    General information

    Weight 195g
    Length 180mm
    Material Aluminium
    Product Color Black


    Max. Capacity 2kg
    Made in Germany No
    modular system Yes


    Girth 288mm
    Height of Packaging 39mm
    Length of Packaging 180mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 209g
    Width of Packaging 70mm

    1x NP-F 970 Li-Ion Akku für Sony 6600mAh 7,4V 48,8Wh

    General information

    Product Type Battery
    Product Color Black
    Length 71mm
    Width 38mm
    Height 60mm
    Weight 300g


    Battery included in Scope of Supply 1 pcs


    Capacity 6600mAh
    Tension 7,4V
    Energy Performance (Wh) 48,8Wh
    Battery Type Lithium Ion
    Weight Battery 284g
    Battery incl. Chip Control Yes
    Compatible battery mount NP-F Mount


    Girth 347mm
    Height of Packaging 58mm
    Length of Packaging 138mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 332g
    Width of Packaging 77mm

    1x Walimex pro Gelenkarm Verdrehschutz

    General information

    Material Aluminium
    Product Color Black
    Weight 60g


    Made in Germany Yes


    Girth 206mm
    Height of Packaging 2mm
    Length of Packaging 90mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 59g
    Width of Packaging 56mm

    1x Walimex pro Full HD Monitor Director III #

    General information

    Width 176mm
    Height 130mm
    Weight 370g
    Depth 17mm


    Depth 17mm
    Display Size (inch) 7Zoll
    Display Size (cm) 17,8cm
    Display IPS LCD
    Resolution 1920x1200 (Full HD)Pixel
    Brightness 450cd/m²
    Contrast 1200:1
    Viewing Angle 80°
    Input Signal HDMI, AV
    Power Consumption 5W
    Charger included Yes
    Battery Model included in Scope of Supply NP-F 970
    Operating Temperature -20 ~ + 50°C
    Storage Temperature -30 ~ + 70°C
    Headphone output Yes
    Special Features Histogram , Focus assistent, False color, Zebra, Zoom, Centrer marker , Marker Type(16:9,4:3,2.35:1,1.85:1), Check Field(Gray/Red/Green/Blue), Bild Flip (H, V, H/V), Freeze image, Color temperature options, Safe Area (70%,80%,90%), Marker color
    Power 7V-24VmA


    Girth 588mm
    Height of Packaging 68mm
    Length of Packaging 222mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 839g
    Width of Packaging 192mm

    1x Walimex pro NP-F Akku-Ladegerät 1000mA

    General information

    Product Type Battery Charger
    Product Color Black


    Compatible Battery Models NP-F Mount
    Max. Charge Current 1000mA
    Charging indicator lamp 1x


    Girth 370mm
    Height of Packaging 50mm
    Length of Packaging 100mm
    Packaging Material Carton
    Weight incl. Packaging 130g
    Width of Packaging 90mm


    Girth 1135mm
    Height of Packaging 305mm
    Length of Packaging 220mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 1439g
    Width of Packaging 110mm

    • 1x monitor, 1x mini HDMI cable, 1x lens hood, 1x hot shoe mount, 1x F970 battery plate, 1x HDMI plug lock, 1x NP-F960 Li-Ion battery, 1x Walimex pro NP-F charger 1000mA, 1x power cord, 1x 12V charging cable, 1 Arm 18 swivel arm, 1 ant-twist lock of the swivel arm

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