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Walimex pro Boya WM4 Pro K-2 Microphone Set of 3

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  • Set of 2 lavalier wireless radio microphones and 1 receiver, line out with 2 different jack... more
    Product information "Walimex pro Boya WM4 Pro K-2 Microphone Set of 3"
    • Set of 2 lavalier wireless radio microphones and 1 receiver, line out with 2 different jack plugs for camcorders, audio recorders, smartphones, tablets and PC
    • Optimal for video and audio applications such as staged play, documentaries, interviews, moderation, vlogging, post-production
    • 35 Hz - 14 kHz, omnidirectional, condenser electret type microphone
    • Sensitivity -90 dB +/- 3dB / 0dB = 1V/Pa, 1kHz, radio link 2.4 GHz, GFSK frequency shift keying
    • Active microphone, power supply via 2x AAA battery or rechargeable battery, radio distance up to 60 m, audio connection to recording device via TRS or TRRS jack plug, both cables included
    • With shoe adapter for the receiver. Sturdy hard case for storage and transport included
    • Foam wind shields and clothing clips included, sender and receiver already paired, works out of the box

    Two radio microphones and a receiver
    With this set you will rise into the professional league of sound engineering. Attach the two lavalier microphones to the lapels of your two speakers, interview partners or speaking roles and clip the respective transmitter to their belts. Each microphone has a cable length of 120 cm. The signal is transmitted by radio to the receiver, which transmits the two audio tracks separately to the audio recorder, PC or camera. The signal can be transmitted at a distance of up to 60 metres. A headphone jack on the receiver allows the sound quality to be controlled.

    Optimize your movie and sound recordings!
    The sound of a movie is just as important as the picture. However, the sound is particularly difficult to improve in post-production if the recording has not been particularly successful. But even the microphones built into the best cameras quickly reach their limits, as they cannot leave the housing of the camera, DSLR or smartphone. They are usually not directed towards the subject and also record operating noises. For professional sound recordings of high quality, therefore, an external microphone is required that can be positioned independently of the camera. Just as you choose an ideal frame for your image, you should also ensure the optimum sound. With this wireless microphone set you will make a huge difference to your recordings.

    Top quality in the smallest space and for the highest demands
    The condenser electret type microphones provide a frequency range from 35 Hz to 14 kHz. Thanks to the omnidirectional characteristic, they can even be mounted upside down. This is sometimes done on purpose, for example for people who speak very loudly, people with strongly emphasized plosive sounds, in strong wind or even when the cable cannot be routed in any other way. By the way, the microphones can also be plugged directly into recording devices with a corresponding jack socket instead of into the transmitter. Its excellent workmanship makes this microphone set a robust and indispensable tool for every shoot and every recording.

    Professional sound quality
    These small microphones have nothing to hide. Sound recordings of all kinds will be brilliant and can also be used in the professional field - as long as they have been made with the appropriate care, for example without noise and not overmodulated. The sampling rate as well as the bit rate is set in the recording device.

    Freedom of movement for the shoot
    Enjoy maximum freedom during your shoot. Thanks to the wireless connection, the microphone wearers can be located up to 60 metres away from the receiver, depending on obstacles. The microphones themselves are wired to the transmitter underneath the clothing, here too the cable length is generously dimensioned. Sender and receiver are already paired, so they work out of the box.

    Polar Pattern: omnidirektional
    Connection: 3,5 mm mini jack plug
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    General information

    Material Synthetic material, Electronic Components
    Product Color Black
    Length 70,5mm
    Width 33mm
    Height 70mm
    Weight 47g


    Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
    Connection 3,5 mm mini jack plug


    Girth 530mm
    Height of Packaging 60mm
    Length of Packaging 220mm
    Packaging Material Colour Packaging
    Packaging with Euro Hole Yes
    Weight incl. Packaging 505g
    Width of Packaging 175mm

    • 1x Walimex pro Boya WM4 Pro K-2 Microphone Set of 3, consisting of:
      • 2x Lavalier microphone with 3.5 mm TRS jack plug, 120 cm cable length
      • 2x Transmitter with removable belt clip
      • 1x Receiver with removable belt clip
      • 1x Cable 3.5 mm TRS jack plug to 3.5 mm TRS jack plug, approx. 35 cm
      • 1x Cable 3.5 mm TRS jack plug to 3.5 mm TRRS jack plug, approx. 35 cm
      • 1x Receiver holder for hot or cold shoe
      • 2x Clothing clip for microphone
      • 2x Foam wind protection for microphone
      • 1x Storage and transport case with formed inlay and additional compartment (hard shell)
      • 1x Manual GER / EN

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