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Walimex pro FT-665T Tripod 185cm + Pro-3D Panhead

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  • walimex pro FT-665T Pro Tripod very sturdy professional Tripod made of... more
    Product information "Walimex pro FT-665T Tripod 185cm + Pro-3D Panhead"
    • walimex pro FT-665T Pro Tripod
      • very sturdy professional Tripod made of aluminium alloy
      • turnable center column with 1/4 inch thread and hook, ideal for ground-near pictures
      • different leg angles adjustable
      • with convenient spirit level
      • foam rubber grips for secure and convenient carrying
      • high-quality workmanship
      • max. load capacity: full 12kg!
      • incl. convenient carrying bag
    • walimex pro FT-6653H Aluminum Pro 3D Panhead
      • extremely light due to aluminum design
      • extremely high-quality and precise 3D panhead
      • high stability
      • with bubble level
      • cork-coated quick-release plate with ¼ inch camera connection
      • max. load capacity: approx. 6kg

    walimex pro FT-665T Pro Tripod for tough continuous use
    The walimex pro FT-665T Pro Tripod is made of extremely sturdy materials. Because of this, it is suitable for tough long-term work. The Tripod can be extended up to 185cm due to the convenient quick-release fasteners. The load capacity is approx. 12kg.
    The center column is equipped with a 1/4 inch thread on the one end and a hook on the other end. The center column is removable and reversible. With it, you can realize ground level pictures. As the leg angles can be adjusted individually, you are particularly flexible. With the quick-release fasteners you can adjust the tripod according to your requirements. The foam coating provides stability at all times. A carrying bag completes the whole.
    This tripod is available in three different sizes, which you all can find them in our assortment.

    walimex pro FT-6653H Aluminum Pro 3D Panhead
    Robustness, agility, flexibility, lightness, and precision characterize this 3D panhead by walimex pro and make it the ideal companion. Whether in the studio or on location, this panhead is needed at all times and everywhere. Because it is made from aluminum, it is particularly popular as mobile equipment.
    The FT-6653H 3D Panhead is particularly well-suited for all areas in which an exact setting and positioning of your camera is key, e.g. in architecture, animal, and landscape photography. It offers the precision and flexibility you need due to its panning and tilting mechanism. That means that you can switch between portrait and landscape format in the blink of an eye. Two large levers, which can be demounted for an easy transport, allow a precise control with little effort.
    The panhead has a bubble level for exact leveling. Naturally, a quick-release plate with a 1/4 inch camera connection is available as well as a 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch tripod connection.

    Max. Working Height: 1980 mm
    Pack Measure: 80 cm
    Leg Locking : Flip Lock
    Max. Capacity: 6 kg
    Weight Tripod without Head: 2270 g
    Product Color: schwarz
    Product Type: Fotostativ, Videostativ
    Material Tripod Legs: Aluminium
    Tripod incl. head: Ja
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    General information

    Product Type Photo Tripod, Video Tripod
    Material Aluminium alloy (tripod), aluminium (panhead), synthetic material (locks and handles), expanded rubber
    Product Color Black
    Weight 2850g


    Min. Working Height 340mm
    Max. Capacity 6kg
    Max. Load Tripod 12000g
    Weight Tripod without Head 2270g
    Weight Tripod incl. Head 2850g
    Pack Measure 80cm
    Material Tripod Legs Aluminium
    Number Tripod Legs 3St
    Leg Locking Clamp locking
    Max. Working Height 1980mm
    Max. Height Tripod without ball head 1850mm
    Height Tripod without head 1600mm
    Height tripod inserted central column with head 1730mm
    Diameter 1st Leg Segment 32mm
    Diameter 2nd Leg Segment 28mm
    Diameter 3rd Leg Segment 24mm
    Number of Gummed Leg Segments 3St.
    Number of Leg Segemts 3
    Spreader Variation None
    Length middle column 34cm
    Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 1
    Tripod Star Features Spirit Level, Compass
    Wrist Strap No
    Tripod Head Panhead
    Max. Load Tripod Head 6000g
    Height Ball Head 190mm
    Weight Ball Head 720g
    Camera connection 1/4 inch
    Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 0
    Length quick change plate 60mm
    Width Quick Change Plate 50mm
    Height quick release plate 10mm
    Weight quick change plate 39g
    Compatible quick change systems Walimex FT-6653H
    Spikes No
    Removable with fall arrest Yes
    Transport Length 720mm
    Transportation Weight incl. Bag 2050g
    Transportation lenght outside measurements incl. bag 880mm
    Tripod-head replaceable Yes
    Tripod Connection 3/8 inch


    Girth 1410mm
    Height of Packaging 130mm
    Length of Packaging 890mm
    Packaging Material Carton
    Packaging with Euro Hole No
    Transport Length 720mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 4000g
    Width of Packaging 130mm

    • 1x walimex pro FT-665T Pro Tripod, 185cm + Pro-3D Panhead with convenient carrying bag

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