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Mantona Wolverine L-12 tripod with ball head + bag

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  • Professional, very leight, sturdy and versatile tripod made from aluminium With Onyx 12... more
    Product information "Mantona Wolverine L-12 tripod with ball head + bag"
    • Professional, very leight, sturdy and versatile tripod made from aluminium
    • With Onyx 12 ball head (12 kg load capacity) and matching tripod bag
    • Height adjustable from 8 to 176 cm as a tripod, and up to 182 cm as a monopod
    • Maximum load bearing capacity of 12 kg at a weight of only 1.9 kg and packing dimensions of only 46 cm
    • Ring lock screw fasteners, 4 tripod segments with a diameter of 28, 25, 22 and 19 mm
    • Incl. 2nd short centre column, 3 foam grips, a bubble level in the tripod shoulder, spikes and a mini LED light
    • Ideal for landscape, architecture, animal and sport photography

    The mantona Wolverine tripod series offers a record-setting combination of high load capacity, weight, packing dimension and maximum height at an impressive price. This photo tripod is a general all-rounder for travel and outdoor photography. Even demanding landscape, architecture, animal and sport photographs with long exposure times or heavy equipment are a pleasure with these tripods. The Wolverine L tripod is very sturdy, weighs only 1.55 kg, has packing dimensions of 46 cm, which is surprisingly light and compact for this class of tripod! The included ball head has a high load capacity of 12 kg and and pleases with its elaborate workmanship and a pleasant operation.

    The mantona Wolverine L-12 tripod comes with a 5-year manufacturer guarantee and a fast and reliable customer service.

    Professional and functional multi-talent
    The mantona Wolverine L-12 photo tripod has a low weight and compact dimensions, and offers sturdiness and versatility, making it a genuine multi-talent.

    The tripod is made from a very sturdy aluminium alloy and the four tripod segments can be adjusted easily and quickly using the non-slip ring lock twist fasteners. Of course, the tripod legs can be flipped 180 degrees so that it can be quickly folded down to a packing dimension of just 46 cm. Despite the very high load bearing capacity of 12 kg, the Wolverine L-12  weights only 1.9 kg with head making it a real lightweight in its tripod class .

    Extremely versatile
    As a genuine multi-talent, the Wolverine L-12, thanks to its extremely wide range of working heights, is a veritable multi-talent. When the centre column is pulled out, the Wolverine L-12 offers a huge working height of 176 cm without the tripod head. Even when the centre column is pushed in, giving maximum stability, it reaches a comfortable height of 143 cm. The monopod function can be used without tools and with the centre column screwed on an impressive maximum height of 182 cm can be reached – perfect for fast panning and sports photography. The reverse function and the second, short centre column make this tripod the ideal tool for macro photography, too.

    Includes comfort fittings
    The mantona Wolverine L-12 comes with real comfort fittings. A bubble level in the tripod shoulder makes it easier to adjust the alignment of the tripod; three foam grips ensure pleasant handling even in cold weather. Extendible spikes and a weight hook provide a firm grip on a slippery surface such as snow, ice and slush. The hand strap provided offers additional comfort, for example, when using the monopod. The mini LED light in included can be clicked into the hook on the centre column and is a lovely gadget that can be put on or taken off, and weighs very little.

    High technical features and 12 kg max load ball head and perfect fitting carrying bag
    The ball head, despite its load bearing capacity of 12 kg, offers very smooth and sleek operation. The Onyx 12 ball head incl. quick-release plate weighs only 366 g. In addition to the comfortable handling, this ball head has high technical and mechanical fundamentals. The 36-mm ball of the Onyx 12 offers clean cushioning and is precision-made. In conjunction with the excellently made housing and integrated mechanics, this ball head is guaranteed to last a long time. The Onyx 12 ball head has a wide range of useful features of the highest quality. The quick-release plate is Arca-Swiss compatible, and scaling on the ball head plate and quick-release plate mean you can orient your equipment with precision. Of course, there is also a safety device for the quick-release plate. The 1/4-inch fixation screw for the camera can be attached simply with a D-ring without any extra tools. The high-quality features are rounded off by two bubble levels and a spirit level. Smooth cushioning and a precise panorama scale ensure that panning will be smooth and controlled.The wide range of excellent features make the ball heads in the Onyx series a very pleasant and high-performance assistant for amateur and professional photographers.

    Also included is a high quality padded tripod bag with a length of 56 cm.

    Features of the Wolverine L-12:

    • Record-setting combination of load capacity, weight, packing dimension and maximum height
    • Maximum load capacity of the tripod 15 kg, 12 kg for the ball head
    • Light 1.9 kg weight with ball head and only 46 cm packing dimensions
    • As a tripod: Max. working height without head of 176 cm, as a monopod 182 cm
    • Thanks to the 2nd short centre column, a minimum working height of just 8 cm
    • Ring lock fasteners, 4 aluminium leg segments with a diameter of 28, 25, 22 and 19 mm
    • Includes bubble level, foam coverings, weight hook, spikes, hand strap and mini LED light
    • 5-year guarantee
    Ideal for:
    • Usage when high sturdiness and working height are required
    • Landscape, architecture, animal, studio, event and wedding photography and interviews
    • Portrait, reportage and documentaries
    • Astro, hyper and time-lapse shots
    • Spotting scopes
    • Gimbal tripod heads
    • For full-format, DSLR, mirrorless DSLM and system camera, camcorders
    • For cameras with large telescopic lens focal lengths

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    1x Mantona Onyx 12 Kugelkopf (M1-3612A)

    General information

    Product Type Ball head
    Material Aluminium, Synthetic material, Rubber
    Product Color Black
    Width 80mm
    Height 95mm
    Weight 366g


    Tripod Head Ball head
    Max. Load Tripod Head 12000g
    Height Ball Head 95mm
    Weight Ball Head 366g
    Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 3
    Outside Diameter Spherical Head Housing 44mm
    Diameter Ball in Ball Head 36mm
    Camera connection 1/4 inch, With the thread adaptor from 1/4 to 3/8 inch adaptable
    Length quick change plate 50mm
    Width Quick Change Plate 42mm
    Height quick release plate 9mm
    Weight quick change plate 35g
    Compatible quick change systems Arca Swiss
    Removable with fall arrest Yes
    Panorma Scale Yes
    Bag No
    Tripod Connection 3/8 inch, 1/4 inch retrofitted via threaded adapter


    Girth 445mm
    Height of Packaging 90mm
    Length of Packaging 95mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 418g
    Width of Packaging 85mm

    1x Mantona Wolverine L 284

    General information

    Product Type Photo Tripod
    Material Aluminium, Synthetic material, Stainless steel, Rubber
    Product Color Black, Grey
    Length 460mm
    Width 104mm
    Weight 1550g


    Min. Working Height 80mm
    Max. Load Tripod 12000g
    Weight Tripod without Head 1550g
    Pack Measure 46cm
    Material Tripod Legs Aluminium
    Number Tripod Legs 3St
    Leg Locking Ring lock
    Number of Leg Segemts 4
    min. work height reserve 80cm
    Max. Working Height 1660mm
    Height Tripod without head 1330mm
    Max. working height one leg function without head 1720mm
    min. work height reserve 0mm
    Diameter 1st Leg Segment 28mm
    Diameter 2nd Leg Segment 25mm
    Diameter 3rd Leg Segment 22mm
    Diameter 4th Leg Segment 19mm
    Number of Gummed Leg Segments 3St.
    Leg Angle Adjustment 3
    Length middle column 39cm
    2nd Central Column included Yes, For Macro
    Length 2nd middle column 60mm
    Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead 1
    Tripod Star Features With medium column brake
    Spikes Yes
    Wrist Strap Yes
    Tripod incl. head No


    Girth 1740mm
    Height of Packaging 500mm
    Length of Packaging 120mm
    Packaging Material Colour Packaging
    Packaging with Euro Hole No
    Weight incl. Packaging 1952g
    Width of Packaging 120mm

    1x Mantona Fotostativ Tasche L gepolstert 56 cm

    General information

    Product Type Photo tripod accessories, photo tripod bag
    Material Metal, Synthetic fibre, Nylon, Imitation leather
    Product Color Black
    Length 560mm
    Width 150mm
    Weight 515g

    Data outside

    Length (outside) 560mm
    Width (Outside) 150mm
    Length (inside) 545mm
    Width (Inside) 135mm
    Outer Diameter 150mm
    inner diamter 135mm
    Number of Compartments 1
    quantity outside compartments 0
    quantity inside compartments 1
    bag with padding Yes, 10 mm
    Locking Systems Zipper
    Shoulder Strap Yes


    Girth 1190mm
    Height of Packaging 100mm
    Length of Packaging 550mm
    Packaging Material Polybag
    Packaging with Euro Hole No
    Weight incl. Packaging 550g
    Width of Packaging 220mm


    Girth 1420mm
    Height of Packaging 160mm
    Length of Packaging 700mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 2920g
    Width of Packaging 200mm

    • 1x mantona Wolverine L photo tripod
    • 1x separate, short centre column
    • 1x wrist strap
    • 1x mini LED light
    • 1x tool set
    • 1x mantona Onyx 12 ball head
    • 1x mantona photo tripod carrying bag L padded, 56 cm

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