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Walimex pro 5in1 Faltreflektor wavy comfort Ø107cm mit Griffen und 5 Reflektorfarben

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  • 5-in-1 folding reflector with handles and thread for tripods High-quality workmanship, two... more
    Product information "Walimex pro 5in1 Faltreflektor wavy comfort Ø107cm mit Griffen und 5 Reflektorfarben"
    • 5-in-1 folding reflector with handles and thread for tripods
    • High-quality workmanship, two handles and two threads (3/8 inch) for mounting on tripods
    • Diameter: 107 cm
    • 5 colours: gold-silver ("wavy"), black, neutral white, silver, diffuse
    • "Pop-up" function allows quick set-up and compact folding
    • Very light and compact, for studio and outdoor use

    The "pop-up" folding reflector for atmospheric reflections
    The Walimex pro 5in1 wavy folding reflector is a versatile reflector for the demanding photographer. The gold-silver surface provides a warm atmospheric reflection, perfect for skin tones, while the black surface can be used to darken subjects. The reflector is easy to transport, quick to set up, easy to use and just as quick to stow away. The different surfaces offer a wide range of possibilities when designing photos, but also in the video area.

    Easy handling, quick setup
    The folding reflector is the ideal companion for fast, demanding brightening or shading of subjects. Thanks to its two large, comfortable handles, it can easily be held by an assistant. But the 5-in-1 folding reflector is also equipped for mounting on tripods: Thanks to its 3/8 inch thread, it can also be attached to lamp tripods or other holding devices with a corresponding screw. The use on location with the help of an assistant is particularly grateful, for example, in interview situations where there is no time for a long shining-in.

    5 functions in one
    The construction of the 5-in-1 folding reflector could hardly be more efficient: The actual reflector frame is permanently covered with a diffuser. With this, you take the hardness out of light sources and the hard shadow edges out of the motif. The diffuser creates a soft, wide-area illumination of the motif from a punctual one. The reflector comes with a reversible cover with zip, the four sides of which can be used individually:

    • Gold-silver "wavy": This special coating consists of a zigzag pattern of alternating gold and silver stripes. Together they reflect the incident light and thus create a warm-soft, yet bright illumination for the subject. This colour is particularly suitable for skin tones, as sunlight is also given a warmer tone.
    • White: The classic reflector colour for brightening with soft light. The light is not reflected selectively as with silver, but loses intensity as it bounces off the reflector in a spherical shape. On the other hand, the lighting effect is similar to that of a diffuser.
    • Silver: Guarantees maximum light output, which can work wonders in bad weather conditions. Silver is not recommended in full sun.
    • Black: The black side of the reversible cover naturally reflects virtually no light. It is suitable for indirect use to reduce reflections, but is actually intended for direct shading.

    Uncomplicated set-up, quick stowage
    The "pop-up" principle, known from small tents, is the ideal solution also for reflectors like this one. A ring of flexible material stretches the reflector open. When folded, it takes up less than half the diameter. When unpacked, the ring pops open to its full size, so the reflector is stretched out in less than a second. After use, you remove the cover and simply fold the reflector back up: To do this, simply deform the ring as if you wanted to create a figure eight on the bike. Continue turning the two handles towards each other until you have a figure 8. You can then put the two rings on top of each other - et voilà! Then immediately pack the reflector in its bag so that it cannot pop up again.

    Coating color: schwarz, silber, transparent, wavygold, weiß
    form: Rund
    Self Tautening : Ja
    Foldable: Yes
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    General information

    Weight 820g


    Operation Area Portrait Photography in small Photo Studios, On Location, Outdoor, Portrait Photography, Child Photography, Youth Fotography, Fashion Shootings
    Coating Color White, Silver, Black, Wavy-golden, Transparent
    Diameter 1070mm
    form Round
    Self Tautening Yes


    Girth 950mm
    Height of Packaging 50mm
    Length of Packaging 400mm
    Packaging Material Polybag
    Packaging with Euro Hole No
    Weight incl. Packaging 868g
    Width of Packaging 400mm

    • 1x Walimex pro 5in1 folding reflector wavy comfort Ø 107 cm with diffuser fabric
    • 1x Cover with colours "wavy" (gold-silver), silver, black and white
    • 1x Carrying bag

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