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Walimex Spot Fixture Set S-Bayonet

€59.90 *

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  • Set consisting of Spot Fixture Set and S-Bayonet Adapter: Spot Fixture Set VC&K&DS series... more
    Product information "Walimex Spot Fixture Set S-Bayonet"
    Set consisting of Spot Fixture Set and S-Bayonet Adapter:
    • Spot Fixture Set VC&K&DS series
      • Spotlight adapter with honeycomb and colour filters
      • produces a narrow light cone
      • for hair and effect light
    • S-Bayonet Adapter
      • easy mounting through flexible clip
      • with locking lever for fixing accessories, e.g. Beauty Dish, softbox, etc.
      • for flashes with diameter 9,5cm

    Finally you can use your Spot Fixture on a flash device without bayonet and save money! Because the convenient set from walimex contains a Spot Fixture Set as well as the suitable S-Bayonet Adapter for your flash device.

    The spotlight adapter is particularly suitable for product photography or as effect light for portrait photography. You can also use it as accentuated background light or highlight. It bundles your light in a manner that you can partially illuminate fractions of your motif.
    The honeycomb fixture also provides straight-line directed lighting and the colour filter included in delivery (red, blue, yellow and green) leaves room for individual preferences regarding effects and colour variations thanks to its combinability.

    The Adapter is suitable for all flashes with integrated reflector and without mounting fixture, such as walimex M series, Proxistar series and other devices with approx. 9,5cm diameter. Thanks to the flexible clip and the integrated clamping technique, the Adapter can simply be attached on your flash head. Your accessories can be mounted securely with the locking lever. Therewith such an unimpressive accessory can bring out much more from your “small” flash devices.

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    1x Walimex pro Spotvorsatz-Set für Walimex pro & K

    General information

    Material Metal
    Product Color Black
    Length 210mm
    Weight 120g
    Connection Walimex pro & K
    Diameter 60mm
    Coloured Foils Red, green, blue, yellow. transparent
    Honeycomb Application Yes
    Compatibility Walimex pro VE series, Walimex pro VC series


    Connection Walimex pro & K
    Diameter 60mm
    Compatibility Walimex pro VE series, Walimex pro VC series


    Girth 690mm
    Height of Packaging 120mm
    Length of Packaging 210mm
    Packaging Material Carton
    Packaging with Euro Hole No
    Weight incl. Packaging 238g
    Width of Packaging 120mm

    1x Walimex S-Bajonett-Adapter für Studioblitze, 9,5cm

    General information

    Material Metal
    Product Color Black, Silver
    Weight 280g


    Bayonet S
    inner diamter 95mm


    Girth 400mm
    Height of Packaging 50mm
    Length of Packaging 125mm
    Packaging Material Carton
    Packaging with Euro Hole No
    Weight incl. Packaging 400g
    Width of Packaging 125mm


    Girth 1355mm
    Height of Packaging 150mm
    Length of Packaging 445mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 638g
    Width of Packaging 305mm

    • 1x walimex Spot Fixture Set VC&K&DS series, consisting of a conical Snoot, honeycomb and each one of a colour filter in green, red, yellow and blue
    • 1x walimex S-Bayonet Adapter for studio flashes, 9,5cm

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