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16 Angle Softbox Ø180cm for Walimex pro & K

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  • The mammoth among softboxes: Terrific 180cm in diameter! Ideal for professional beauty and... more
    Product information "16 Angle Softbox Ø180cm for Walimex pro & K"
    • The mammoth among softboxes: Terrific 180cm in diameter!
    • Ideal for professional beauty and product photography, group and full body photography
    • Optimal also for photographing medium-sized products
    • For even rounder eye-lights compared to octagons
    • For soft and even illumination
    • photographer may even stand in front of the box - no shadow
    • Easy tilting thanks to practical, integrated and extremely stable mounting
    • With removable front and rear diffuser
    • We recommend the use with flash units of at least 400Ws power
    • Suitable for all flashes of the Walimex pro VE, VC & VC Plus, VT, Newcomer and Mover Series and the Walimex K Series
    • In set with adapter for Walimex pro & K

    Huge advantages
    Huge like a mammoth, tough like a mammoth, strong like a mammoth! And not extinct here yet, but instead with a growing fan community.

    Big and round
    This 16 angled softbox has, believe it or not, a diameter of 180cm. It provides the right light for both product and portrait photography as well as beauty photography and thus for professional results. In contrast to the normal Octagon Softbox, the almost circular shape provides an even more natural light and a particularly pleasant eye reflection. Benefit from these features!

    Light as a spring
    The practical and extremely stable holder ensures that you can easily tilt the huge softbox without any problems. The locking mechanism is simple and holds securely.
    The Softbox is silver coated and reflects the light through its special surface uniformly in all directions. Together with the front and rear diffuser, the lighting mood can be further adapted to the respective requirements.
    So that the light can be optimally used in the area of the speed ring and the suitable adapter for your system (further adapters optionally available for all common systems), you can seal this area with the speed ring covers included in the scope of supply according to your requirements. Thus no light is lost and disturbing light leakage is avoided.

    Due to the size and the resulting special distribution of the light, the photographer can also step in front of the softbox without influencing the illumination of the photo subject. This enables faster work. Adjustments to the motif can thus be made more quickly.

    Please note:
    Due to the construction of the diffuser, the softbox can only be used to a limited extent for backlighting.
    The joint of the tripod holder allows tilting by 180 degrees. However, when the softbox is opened, you cannot tilt it all the way. Turning 360° is possible at any time.

    size: Ø180 cm
    Softbox Connection: walimex pro & K
    Softbox Type: 16-Winkel
    Foldable: No
    Grid/Overlay: No
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    1x Walimex pro Softboxadapter Walimex pro & K

    General information

    Material Aluminium
    Product Color Silver
    Width 152mm
    Weight 120g


    Bayonet Walimex pro & K
    Outer Diameter 152mm
    Softbox Connection Universal Softbox-Adapter


    Girth 460mm
    Height of Packaging 50mm
    Length of Packaging 155mm
    Packaging Material Carton
    Packaging with Euro Hole No
    Weight incl. Packaging 238g
    Width of Packaging 155mm

    1x Walimex pro 16-Winkel-Softbox Ø180cm#

    General information

    Product Color Black
    Material Nylon, metal
    Weight 6500g


    Field of Application Beauty, Products, Group Photography, Full Body
    Coating Silver
    Diameter 1800mm
    Depth 800mm
    Grid/Overlay No
    Interdiffuser Yes


    Girth 1075mm
    Height of Packaging 215mm
    Length of Packaging 1230mm
    Packaging Material Carton
    Packaging with Euro Hole No
    Weight incl. Packaging 7550g
    Width of Packaging 215mm


    Girth 1400mm
    Length of Packaging 1270mm
    Packaging Material Carton
    Packaging with Euro Hole Nomm
    Weight incl. Packaging 7788g
    Width of Packaging 280mm

    • 1x Walimex pro 16 angled softbox Ø 180 cm
    • 1x Front diffuser
    • 1x Intermediate diffuser
    • 1x Tripod holder with 5/8" connection and 180° tilt
    • 2x Speedring cover
    • 1x Transport and storage bag
    • 1x Walimex pro Softbox adapter for Walimex pro & K series

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