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Walimex Studio Filter Set 22 pcs., 80x100cm

€129.90 *

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  • filter set consisting of 16 color filter foils, 2 diffuser foils and 4 color temperature... more
    Product information "Walimex Studio Filter Set 22 pcs., 80x100cm"
    • filter set consisting of 16 color filter foils, 2 diffuser foils and 4 color temperature changing foils
    • each with a size of 80x100cm
    • ideal for use in the studio and for video shootings
    • diffusion foils soften the light, e.g., in front of fluorescent lights
    • Wratten foils for changing the color temperature
    • color filter foils for color effects
    • foils can be combined
    • fastening with clips etc.

    The Studio Filter Set by walimex includes 22 different foils, that can do many different things in your studio.

    The two diffuser foils in the transparence Frost No. 3 allow you to make light softer or to regulate strong light. The both foils can be mounted, e.g., in front of a fluorescent light. That way you receive soft and even lighting.

    The four color temperature changing foils are the following: Wratten 82B, which raises the color temperature from 3200K to 4000K, Wratten 82C, which is a little stronger than Wratten 82B and raises the color temperature, Wratten 85B, which lowers the color temperature from 4000K to 3200K and Wratten 85C, which lowers the color temperature from 3500K to 3200K.

    With the color filter foils you can achieve color effects of different kinds when you mount them to light sources. By combining two foils you receive completely new colors and can achieve even more effects.

    Naturally the foils can also be combined so that from artificial to mixed light everything is possible.

    Product Color: gelb, strohgelb, dunkles gelb, goldenes gelb, mittelrosa, rosa, helles lachsrosa, türkisblau, helles türkisblau, dunkles türkisblau, erbsengrün, strahlendes grün, lila- pink, himmelblau, dunkles lachsrosa, helles violett
    Material: Kunststoff
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    General information

    Material Synthetic material
    Product Color Yellow, straw, deep yellow, golden yellow, medium rose, pink, light salmon pink, turquoise blue, light turquoise blue, deep turquoise blue, pea green, brilliant green, purple rose, sky blue, deep salmon, light violet
    Length 1000mm
    Width 800mm


    Girth 1309mm
    Height of Packaging 90mm
    Length of Packaging 949mm
    Packaging Material Carton
    Packaging with Euro Hole No
    Weight incl. Packaging 1825g
    Width of Packaging 90mm

    • 1x walimex Studio Filter Set 22 pcs., 80x100cm, consisting of 16 color filter foils, 2 diffuser foils and 4 color temperature changing foils

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