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Walimex pro 8/3.8 Fisheye II VCSC Canon EF-S bl

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  • developed specifically for photography and videography unique perspective with large... more
    Product information "Walimex pro 8/3.8 Fisheye II VCSC Canon EF-S bl"
    • developed specifically for photography and videography
    • unique perspective with large depth of field
    • stepless adjustment of f-stop
    • soft, smooth-running adjustment of focus
    • aperture ring and focus ring with tooth ring for follow focus systems
    • high-grade optical and mechanical quality
    • multi-coated glass lenses
    • sideways display of distance and f-stop scale
    • manual exposure mode and focusing
    • with removable lens hood
    • minimum focus distance: approx. 0.3m
    • suitable for Canon EF- and EF-S-Bajonett (Details see Compatibilities)
    • Please note: When using a full-frame camera, the image section has to be adjusted in post-processing

    Developed for videography and photography
    This Fisheye by walimex pro was developed for videography and photography. The f-stop can be adjusted steplessly from 3.8 to 22 and the focus is adjusted softly and runs smoothly. That way a tracking of the focus when filming is possible. The aperture ring and the focus ring come with a tooth ring and are therefore optimized for use with follow focus systems. For better readability, the distance and f-stop scale are displayed sideways.

    Unique Shots
    The Fisheye Lens by walimex pro makes a whole new view of things possible. Due to the unique perspective, your creativity is unlimited. Due to the exceptional depth of focus and the extremely large image angle, all options are open to the adventurous videographer and photographer. The walimex pro Fisheye has a focal length of only 8mm. At a minimum distance of only 30cm, exciting wide-angle pictures can be captured in brilliant sharpness. The fast lens speed of 1:3.8 allows excellent filming, even in less favorable lighting conditions.

    New possibilities of image composition for moved and still pictures
    With the walimex pro Fisheye videographers and photographers receive various possibilities of image composition, especially with spherical panoramas. Straight lines which are not positioned in the middle of the picture will be shown curved and a barrel distortion is the result. This particular lens type has a particularly short focal length for its image format size, which is why the image is displayed with curved forms. That is how pictures, which are created with the walimex pro Fisheye, receive their typical spherically distorted perspective.

    Top-quality workmanship
    The lens is constructed in a high-quality manner. The metal casing is very robust and impresses with its classy exterior. The glass lenses of the lens are coated and thus ensure a brilliant contrast and sharpness range as well as a well-rounded color balance. The particularly high-quality optics of the lens ensures optimal image results. A lens hood prevents laterally occurring stray light and lens reflections.

    Use with full-frame cameras
    When using the lens on cameras with a full-frame (35 mm sensor), please note that a partial shadowing (vignetting) will occur. The image section can be expanded by removing the lens hood from the fish-eye, however it cannot be expanded to fill the full frame. The image should be cropped in post-processing to achieve a full image format and to remove the black frame. You can find example images under “Examples of use” in the menu.

    Image Effect like Full Frame: 12,8 mm
    Image Effect like APS-C: 8 mm
    Image Effect on APS-C: 8 mm
    Anwendungsbereich Objektiv: Architektur, Kunst, Landschaft
    focal distance: 8 mm
    Suitable for Sensor: APS-C , MFT
    Developed for: APS-C
    Field of Application : Architecture, Art, Countyside
    Category: Fisheye
    Lens Speed: 1:3,8
    Lens connection: Canon EF-S
    Usage: Video
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    General information

    Product Color Black
    Length 77,3mm
    Weight 420g


    Field of Application Art, Architecture, Countryside
    Bayonet EF-S
    Manufacturer Canon
    Lens connection Canon EF-S
    Developed for APS-C
    Suitable for Sensor APS-C, MFT
    Crop Factor 1,5
    Focal Distance 8mm
    Lens Speed 1:3,8
    Internal Focusing Yes
    Lenses / Groups 10 / 7
    Minimum Focusing Distance 0,3m
    Lens Diameter 75mm
    Angle of View 167°
    Type Fisheye
    Category Fisheye
    Camera Model Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, Canon EOS 1D Mark III, Canon EOS 760D, Canon EOS 750D, Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Canon EOS 1200D, Canon EOS 70D, Canon EOS 100D, Canon EOS 650D, Canon EOS 1100D, Canon EOS 600D, Canon EOS 60D, Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 500D, Canon EOS 50D, Canon EOS 1000D, Canon EOS 450D, Canon EOS 40D, Canon EOS 400D, Canon EOS 30D, Canon EOS 350D, Canon EOS 700D, Canon EOS 550D, Canon EOS 80D, Canon EOS-1D Mark II N, Canon EOS 1300D
    Usage Video
    Field of Application Lens Architecture, Countryside, Art
    Special Features Super wide angle
    Type of Power Plug Type C


    Girth 795mm
    Height of Packaging 123mm
    Length of Packaging 219mm
    Packaging Material Carton
    Packaging with Euro Hole No
    Weight incl. Packaging 555g
    Width of Packaging 165mm

    • 1x walimex pro 8/3.8 Fisheye II VCSC for Canon with lens hood, convenient carrying bag and protection caps

    Shot at a focal length of 8 mm

    Full frame (35mm) sensor with Fisheye with lens hood


    Full frame (35mm) sensor with Fisheye without lens hood


    APS-C sensor with Fisheye
    with and without lens hood


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