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Samyang 500mm F8.0 DSLR Mirror Sony E

€149.90 *

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  • Kit comprising lens + adapter mount for Sony E mount 500 mm focal length on full-frame... more
    Product information "Samyang 500mm F8.0 DSLR Mirror Sony E"
    • Kit comprising lens + adapter mount for Sony E mount
    • 500 mm focal length on full-frame
    • Mirror lens construction (catadioptric lens), almost no chromatic aberration
    • Compact dimensions, two filter threads (72 & 30,5 mm)
    • Manual focus, also into the macro range
    • Universal connection T2, usable for almost all cameras with adapter

    Kit comprising lens + T-mount adapter for Sony E mount

    Compact Telephoto Lens
    A full 500 mm lens of less than 9 cm overall length turns every camera into a secret tele-specialist. The long focal length is achieved by using mirrors in the beam path, a technology that has long been used in telescopes.

    Strong macro
    With a close-up limit of 1.72 meters, the lens can also take macro shots between 1:4.3 and 1:2.87.

    Mirror lens technology
    The incoming light is reflected back towards the front of the lens by a concave mirror, then from there back through the center of the concave mirror by a secondary mirror, on through the lenses located there and finally onto the sensor of the camera. Basically the same technology as in the Hubble telescope.

    Universal aperture f/8 and two filter threads
    Due to the design an iris is not usable here, the aperture is therefore fixed at f8.0. The brightness is determined by the choice of the exposure time. Filters with 30.5 mm can also be screwed in front of the rear opening of the lens to change the exposure characteristics. However, they do not influence the flange focal distance or the T2 adapter. Three filters are included with the lens, 1x Skylight, 1x ND 2x (-1 aperture) and 1x ND 4x (-2 apertures). On top of that, filters with a thread of 72mm can be attached to the front side of the lens.

    Low chromatic aberration, unique Bokeh
    A big advantage of this type of construction is its extremely low chromatic aberration. In the Bokeh, highlights always produce small rings - your images will definitely be unmistakable. The lens is also well suited for photography of the moon, and, with protective film, also for the sun.

    Connects to any camera thanks to T2
    The lens has a T2 thread. Connection to the camera is made through a separately available adapter. The focal length changes according to the crop factor of the respective camera. The focus is controlled manually.

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    1x Kipon T2 Adapter auf Sony E

    General information

    Product Color Black
    Material Metal


    Type T2
    Mount Camera Sony E
    Mount Lens T2
    Electronic Data Transfer No


    Girth 329mm
    Height of Packaging 50mm
    Length of Packaging 79mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 101g
    Width of Packaging 75mm

    1x Samyang MF 500mm F8,0 Spiegel T2

    General information

    Product Type Lens
    Field of Application Nature, Animal, Sports
    Weight 310g
    Width 78mm
    Material Aluminium, Rubber
    Product Color Black


    Field of Application Lens Nature, Animal, Sport
    Lens connection T2
    Focal Distance 500mm
    Developed for Full Frame
    Usage Photo
    Category Telephoto Lens
    Special Features Teleobjektiv
    Lens Speed 1:8,0
    Field of Application Nature, Animal, Sports
    Bayonet T
    Type Telephoto Lens, Macro Lens
    Suitable for Sensor APS-C, Full Frame, MFT
    Angle of View
    Lens Diameter 78mm
    Filter Diameter 72mm
    Lenses / Groups 7 / 6
    Minimum Focusing Distance 2m
    Internal Focusing No


    Girth 665mm
    Height of Packaging 155mm
    Length of Packaging 100mm
    Packaging Material Carton
    Packaging with Euro Hole No
    Weight incl. Packaging 468g
    Width of Packaging 100mm


    Girth 974mm
    Height of Packaging 110mm
    Length of Packaging 304mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 569g
    Width of Packaging 225mm

    • 1x Samyang 500mm F8.0 Mirror Telephoto Lens
    • 1x high-quality storage bag
    • 1x ND filter 2x (minus one stop)
    • 1x ND filter 4x (minus two stops)
    • 1x skylight filter
    • 1x lens covers front and back
    • 1x Kipon adapter T-mount to Sony E (Art. 17354)

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