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Samyang MF 85mm F1,4 AS IF UMC Pentax K

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  • Suitable for full format and APS-C sensor Looks like 128 mm on the APS-C (DX) camera, even... more
    Product information "Samyang MF 85mm F1,4 AS IF UMC Pentax K"
    • Suitable for full format and APS-C sensor
    • Looks like 128 mm on the APS-C (DX) camera, even like 170 mm on cameras with 4/3 (MFT) sensor
    • Excellent speed of f/1,4, aperture and focus operated manually
    • Very good imaging quality thanks to high quality aspherical glass lenses
    • Internal focusing
    • High quality manufactured mechanics and optics
    • Incl. bag, protective cover and lens hood

    Optimal image angle - beautiful portraits
    The 85 mm lens from Samyang offers concentration on the essentials. On the full frame camera, the 29° angle of view provides the typical detail for portraits. If the 85 mm f/1.4 is locked to an APS-C camera, an image angle of 19° is achieved, which roughly corresponds to the image impression of a 135 mm lens. The same 85 mm lens on a 4/3 (MFT) camera has the same image impact as a 170 mm lens on a full format camera - also with a 1.4 aperture. This very practical speed of f/1,4 does not only provide an extremely bright viewfinder, but also the possibility of taking pictures with the smallest depth of field. The lens is very well corrected and convinces by very good and distortion-free imaging performance. The very compact design provides a pleasant handling with balanced center of gravity.

    Excellent light intensity
    Due to the high speed, this Samyang lens allows the use of short exposure times or lower ISO values. This significantly reduces image noise. The large aperture with a shallower depth of field optimizes the position of the focal plane in the viewfinder. A practical secondary benefit of the high speed is the highlighting of the subject against a blurred foreground or background.

    High quality optics and mechanics
    The lens has internal focusing and has a close-up limit of 100 cm. With 9 lenses in 7 groups, it is very elaborately built, with optimum performance expected even with the aperture open. When focusing, the lens elements are shifted on the inside: the overall length of the optics therefore does not change when focusing, and the 72mm filter thread does not rotate. The iris diaphragm has 8 blades and thus an almost circular aperture pattern. The blur is reproduced harmoniously, the bokeh is balanced and calm, the highlights nearly circular. Of course, all lens surfaces are multicoated to increase the contrast of the images and to avoid reflections. Everything is rounded off by precise mechanics, clearly latching aperture values and production in a high-quality metal frame.

    Advantages of a full frame lens on a camera with APS-C sensor (or smaller)
    Save time in post-processing: A variety of lens defects such as distortion, blur, or vignetting appear on the edges of the image. If you use a full-frame lens on a camera with an APS-C sensor, these areas will not be used in the first place. Thus, you automatically get the maximum quality and no additional time for correcting lens errors needs needs to be invested in post-processing.

    Suitable for Sensor: APS-C , Vollformat
    Anwendungsbereich Objektiv: Portrait, Reise
    Category: Teleobjektiv
    focal distance: 85 mm
    Lens connection: Pentax K
    Usage: Foto
    Field of Application : Beauty, Low Light Fotografie , On-Location, Portrait
    Lens Speed: 1:1,4
    Developed for: Full Frame
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    General information

    Length 73,2mm
    Weight 510g


    Field of Application Portrait, Beauty, On-Location, Low Light Photography
    Manufacturer Pentax
    Bayonet K
    Lens connection Pentax K
    Developed for Full Frame
    Suitable for Sensor APS-C, Full Frame
    Focal Distance 85mm
    Lens Speed 1:1,4
    Internal Focusing Yes
    Lenses / Groups 9 / 7
    Minimum Focusing Distance 1,1m
    Lens Diameter 78mm
    Filter Diameter 72mm
    Type Telephoto Lens
    Category Telephoto Lens
    Field of Application Lens Journey, Portrait
    Camera Model Pentax K-3 II, Pentax K-3, Pentax K-50, Pentax K-5 II, Pentax K-30, Pentax K-5, Pentax K-r, Pentax K-x, Pentax K-7, Pentax K-m, Pentax K200D, Pentax K20D, Pentax K10D, Pentax K100D, Pentax K-1, Pentax K-70
    Usage Photo


    Girth 754mm
    Height of Packaging 162mm
    Length of Packaging 133mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 744g
    Width of Packaging 134mm

    • 1x Samyang MF 85mm F1.4 Pentax K lens
    • 1x Lens hood
    • 2x Lens cap (front and rear)
    • 1x Lens protection bag
    • 1x Manual

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