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Baveyes AF Adapter Canon EF to MFT 0.7x no support

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  • Reduces the image circle of a full-frame lens to the image circle of an APS-C sensor The... more
    Product information "Baveyes AF Adapter Canon EF to MFT 0.7x no support"
    • Reduces the image circle of a full-frame lens to the image circle of an APS-C sensor
    • The light intensity is increased by one aperture
    • Lenses without aperture ring can only be used to a limited extent, as aperture control is not possible
    • Suitable for Canon EF lenses on MFT camera

    Nowadays, as the number of people using interchangeable lens digital cameras increase, default combinations of camera lenses and bodies are no longer able to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated demands of the many photography enthusiasts. The advent of lens adapters have given users full rein of customizing their equipment to best fulfill their needs through different combinations of lenses and camera bodies. However, although individual camera manufacturers have created their own customized adapters, lenses and camera bodies between different manufacturers can not be used directly. At KIPON, a world-renown camera adapter manufacturer, we have developed over 400 types of adapters. With our various adapters, we offer our users the freedom and compatibility of lenses and camera bodies that transcends different times and manufacturers. We have made possible not only the interchangeable use of products across brands but also the use of traditional film lenses.

    KIPON camera adapters can be classified as the following:
    macro adapters, electronic adapters, adapters with built-in glass, optical focal reduction adapters, tilt adapters, shift adapters, tilt and shift adapters and more.

    The KIPON BAVEYES EF-MFT AF 0.7x mounts Canon EOS EF lenses onto M4/3 Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera especially OM-D series bodies. This adapter, designed by German optics research institution IB/E OPTICS, can mount full frame lenses onto APS-C frame camera bodies.There are four pieces of optical customized multiple layer coating glasses within the adapter.

    With the optical focal reduction adapter, when the full frame lens is mounted onto the APS-C frame camera body, the crop factor is negated and you can get a full view filed though the lens. This solves the issue of edge cracking in photos caused by adapter without optical glasses and allows for sharper images. The image will also be much brighter due to an increased concentration of light, equal to one stop more aperture value for a typical lens for the same aperture value. This increase is more obvious when the lens aperture value is less than 2.

    This adapter has an additional feature of autofocus with accurate and quick focus for a steady performance. The adapter is equipped with electronic contact and built-in circuit board with chip, besides auto-focus and stability function, it also can transmit precise EXIF information to the camera body.

    All KIPON adapters undergo the CNC turning center procedure during manufacturing to provide our customers with only the utmost precision and quality. We guarantee an ideal fitting between cameras and lenses to maintain the ease and accuracy of photography. All adapters are made of brass and or aluminium alloy.

    Please note that not all camera models and lenses are compatible with this adapter. Please take extra care and notice when attempting to use any adapter with wide angle and fish eye lenses. Please contact a local dealer if you have any questions regarding compatibility.

    Art des Objektiv Adapters: Bajonett
    Mount Lens: Canon EF
    Mount Camera: micro 4/3
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    General information

    Product Type bayonet
    Material Aluminium anodised
    Product Color Black
    Weight 152g


    Type of Lens Ddapter Bayonet
    Type Bayonet Spacer
    Mount Camera Micro 4/3
    Mount Lens Canon EF
    Electronic Data Transfer Yes


    Girth 388mm
    Height of Packaging 65mm
    Length of Packaging 86mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 231g
    Width of Packaging 86mm

    • 1x Baveyes adapter for Canon EF to MFT

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    17851.jpg Walimex ND Fader 62 mm +2 to +8 f-stops
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