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Walimex pro circular polarizer MC 49mm

€15.90 *

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  • Filter made of multi-coated glass ideal for landscape photography... more
    Product information "Walimex pro circular polarizer MC 49mm"

    • Filter made of multi-coated glass
    • ideal for landscape photography
    • increases color saturation and enhances contrast
    • prevents reflections
    • precisely manufactured metal frame

    The polarizing filter is still one of the most frequently used filters in photography. Polarizing filters only allow light to pass through a certain plane of oscillation. All other light rays are filtered out. This filtering results in a reduction of reflections on glass and water surfaces or lacquers. At the same time, the polarizing filters increase color saturation and contrast. Objects behind glass (shop windows, car windows) become visible again. In landscape photography, the polarizing filter unfolds its maximum effect at an angle of 90 degrees to the sun. For a uniform effect in the picture, the focal length should not be less than 35 or 28 mm in 35 mm format due to the uneven polarization of the sky light.

    Circular and linear polarizing filters function according to the same principle. Optical gratings on the filter foil ensure that only linear light waves whose orientation matches that of the grating reach the objective. In contrast to a linear polarizing filter, the circular polarizing filter has an additional Lamda/4 plate. This platelet is responsible for the fact that the linear light rays previously created in the polarizing filter are broken down again into all components and are at an angle of 90 degrees to each other. At the same time, a component is delayed by a quarter wavelength. Thus all polarization directions are present behind the filter again. This means that the autofocus problems often caused by polarizing filters do not occur with circular polarizing filters.

    Excellent workmanship
    The circular polarizing filter has excellent optical properties. The multi-coated, high-quality glass lens is embedded in a precisely manufactured metal frame. The rotating filter runs precisely and stops at the desired setting. It is transported in a protective cover that protects the filter from harmful UV radiation and thus significantly increases its service life.

    Filter Diameter: 49 mm
    Slim Setting: No
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    General information

    Product Color Black
    Diameter 49mm


    Filter Material Glass
    Ring Material Metal
    Slim Setting No
    Coating Yes
    Filter Diameter 49mm


    Girth 165mm
    Height of Packaging 24mm
    Length of Packaging 108mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 39g
    Width of Packaging 39mm

    • 1x walimex pro Polarizing Filter circular, 49mm incl. protective cover

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