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DiCAPac WP-110 Underwater Case

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  • suitable for all digital cameras from Samsung, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony with the... more
    Product information "DiCAPac WP-110 Underwater Case"
    • suitable for all digital cameras from Samsung, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony with the dimensions of approx. 90x70x30mm and a lens zoom up to approx. 30mm
    • ideal for underwater, sport and travel photography
    • protects against dust, water, snow, sand and so on
    • with convenient zip-closing and additional Velcro fastener
    • detachable carrying strap with quick-release fastener
    • suitable for the use in fresh and salt water
    • resistent against ultraviolet light
    • waterproof in up to 5m water depth

    Realize unrivalled pictures during your diving holidays, unmistakable good photographies on your rafting tour or unforgettable moments when playing in the padding pool. Take your camera for jogging or walking in rain! And you do not have to fear the next desert safari and city trip anymore!
    No matter where, no matter when, with the DiCAPac WP-110 Underwater Case you don´t need to be afraid of rain, splash water, sand and dust., because your camera is optimal protected in the PVC case against these outer influences. The operating function is not influenced at all, because the integrated lens support ensures zooming inside the bag.
    Even on your snorkeling or diving tour, the DiCaPac Case guarantees water depth up to approx. 5m, so that you can approach the beautiful fishes and coral and coral algaes very near and take wonderful pictures. Very charming and convenient is the UV resistance through the material.
    Through its compact dimensions and the low weight of approx. 60g, the Case fits in every backpack and handbag.

    Camera Model: BenQ DC E53 , BenQ DC E510 , BenQ DC E520 , Casio EX S10 , Casio EX S12 , Casio EX S100 , Casio EX S500 , Casio EX S600 , Casio EX S600D , Casio EX S770 , Casio EX S880 , Casio EX Z3 , Casio EX Z4 , Casio EX Z5 , Casio EX Z30 , Casio EX Z40 , Casio EX Z50 , Casio EX Z55 , Casio EX Z57 , Casio EX Z500 , Casio EX Z600 , Casio EX Z750 , Casio EX Z850 , Casio EX Z1000 , Casio EX Z1050 , Casio EX Z1080 , Casio EX Z1200SR , Fujifilm Finepix F440 , Fujifilm Finepix F450 , Fujifilm Finepix F455 , Hitachi imaga HDC-531 , Kodak V530 , Kodak V550 , Kodak V803 , Kodak V1003 , Kodak V1073 , Kodak V1273 , Konica Minolta (Dimage) E500 , Konica Minolta (Revio) KD3300 , Nikon Coolpix S550 , Nikon Coolpix S600 , Nikon Coolpix S630 , Nikon Coolpix S700 , Nikon Coolpix S710 , Olympus Camedia C470z , Olympus FE150 , Olympus FE160 , Olympus FE300 , Olympus FE5500 , Olympus Stylus 710 , Olympus Stylus 740 , Olympus Stylus 750 , Olympus Stylus 760 , Olympus Stylus 810 , Olympus Stylus 1000 , Olympus Stylus 1200 , Olympus Stylus D630z , Olympus X500 , Olympus X600 , Pentax A10 , Pentax A20 , Pentax A30 , Pentax A40 , Pentax Optio S , Pentax Optio S4 , Pentax Optio S4i , Pentax Optio S5i , Pentax Optio S5n , Pentax Optio S5z , Pentax Optio S6 , Pentax Optio S7 , Pentax Optio SV , Pentax Optio SVi , Pentax T10 , Pentax T20 , Pentax T30 , Rollei Prego DP 4200 , Samsung Digimax , Samsung Kenox , Samsung L70 , Samsung X70 , Sony DSC-N1 , Sony DSC-N2 , Sony DSC-S930 , Sony DSC-S950 , Sony DSC-S980 , Sony DSC-W120 , Sony DSC-W130
    Lens Extraction: 30 mm
    carbine: Nein
    Material: Tasche: 60% PVC, 40% Polyurethan / Linse: PC, Silikon
    Carrying Strap: ja
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    General information

    Lens Extraction 30mm
    max. Dive Depth 5m
    Window No
    Material Bag: 60% PVC, 40% polyurethane / lens: PC, silicone
    Weight 60g


    Special Features Into sweet and saltwater suitable
    Lens Extraction 30mm
    max. Dive Depth 5m
    Locking Systems Zip fastener , Velcro attachment
    Manufacturer Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Fujifilm, Samsung, Konica Minolta, Casio, Kodak, Rollei, BenQ, Hitachi
    Camera Model Casio EX S10, Casio EX S12, Casio EX S100, Casio EX S500, Casio EX S600, Casio EX S600D, Casio EX S770, Casio EX S880, Casio EX Z3, Casio EX Z4, Casio EX Z5, Casio EX Z30, Casio EX Z40, Casio EX Z50, Casio EX Z55, Casio EX Z57, Casio EX Z500, Casio EX Z600, Casio EX Z750, Casio EX Z850, Casio EX Z1000, Casio EX Z1050, Casio EX Z1080, Casio EX Z1200SR, Fujifilm Finepix F440, Fujifilm Finepix F450, Fujifilm Finepix F455, Nikon Coolpix S550, Nikon Coolpix S600, Nikon Coolpix S630, Nikon Coolpix S700, Nikon Coolpix S710, Olympus Camedia C470z, Olympus X500, Olympus X600, Olympus FE150, Olympus FE160, Olympus FE300, Olympus FE5500, Olympus Stylus 710, Olympus Stylus 740, Olympus Stylus 750, Olympus Stylus 760, Olympus Stylus 810, Olympus Stylus 1000, Olympus Stylus 1200, Olympus Stylus D630z, Pentax Optio S, Pentax Optio S4, Pentax Optio S4i, Pentax Optio S5i, Pentax Optio S5n, Pentax Optio S5z, Pentax Optio S6, Pentax Optio S7, Pentax Optio SV, Pentax Optio SVi, Pentax T10, Pentax T20, Pentax T30, Pentax A10, Pentax A20, Pentax A30, Pentax A40, Samsung Kenox, Samsung Digimax, Samsung X70, Samsung L70, Konica Minolta (Dimage) E500, Konica Minolta (Revio) KD3300, Sony DSC-N1, Sony DSC-N2, Sony DSC-W120, Sony DSC-W130, Sony DSC-S930, Sony DSC-S950, Sony DSC-S980, Kodak V530, Kodak V550, Kodak V803, Kodak V1003, Kodak V1073, Kodak V1273, Rollei Prego DP 4200, BenQ DC E53, BenQ DC E520, BenQ DC E510, Hitachi imaga HDC-531
    raincover Yes
    Window No

    Data outside

    Width (Outside) 90mm
    Height (outside) 35mm
    Length (outside) 140mm


    Girth 480mm
    Height of Packaging 60mm
    Length of Packaging 250mm
    Packaging Material Polybag
    Packaging with Euro Hole No
    Weight incl. Packaging 145g
    Width of Packaging 150mm

    • 1x DiCAPac WP-110 Underwater Case with hand strap

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