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Swing handsfree Umbrella navy w. Carrier System

€129.90 *

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  • walimex pro Swing handsfree Umbrella handsfree umbrella ideal for... more
    Product information "Swing handsfree Umbrella navy w. Carrier System"
    • walimex pro Swing handsfree Umbrella
      • handsfree umbrella ideal for photographers and hikers
      • both hands free for photographing and operating the camera
      • protection against rain, heat and UV radiation
      • telescope fiberglass shaft,  continuously adjustably up to approx. 1m
      • extremely light and tear-resistant polyester treated with Teflon
      • large diameter of approx. 114cm
    • walimex pro Carrier System f. swing handsfree Umbrella
      • for use of the walimex pro swing handsfree Umbrella without a backpack
      • with safety reflectors
      • individually adjustable to body height
      • well-padded for high comfort

    The optimal solution for outdoor photographers
    You were so excited about your outdoor shoot, but then the rain thwarted your plans. Have you ever been in this situation? Photographing in nature in the rain is anything but easy. On the one hand, you want to protect your camera and yourself from the rain; on the other hand you need both hands for shooting. Because of this, traditional umbrellas are inconvenient; rain gear is unpleasant in longer shootings as it leads to heat build-up and sweating. Now there is a solution to this problem: The Swing handsfree by walimex pro is an absolutely innovative umbrella with which you have both hands free for shooting.

    For more flexibility
    It is also ideal for hiking and trekking. The fiberglass shaft is telescopic and can be continuously adjusted to your height up to a length of approx. 1m. In order to profit from its advantages, when you are outdoors without a backpack, this carrier system was developed for attaching the umbrella. It is similar to the strap system of a backpack, but it doesn’t weigh you down additionally. That way the umbrella is securely fastened, you have both hands free, and you are protected reliably against the rain due to its large diameter of approx. 114cm. Due to its Teflon treatment, the rain simply rolls off. Depending on the wind direction, the umbrella can be positioned to the right or left.

    Very comfortable
    The system is individually fitted to your height and body shape, just like a backpack carrier system. The straps are well-padded and distribute the weight of the umbrella evenly to both shoulders. That way, a high comfort is guaranteed over long periods of time.

    Excellent workmanship
    The umbrella and the carrier system also receive top grades regarding the material used and the workmanship: The carrier system consists of snythetic fiber which resists every-day wear and will not let you down regardless of wind and weather conditions. The umbrella roof consists of extremely light and tear-proof polyester fabric, the frame of elastic and sturdy fiberglass. As hardly any metal was used, the particularly lightweight umbrella is noncorrosive, a quality that pays off in the rain. Using the umbrella as a traditional umbrella is not a problem due to the telescopic shaft and the ergonomic handle made from rigid foam. For transporting the umbrella, you can attach the umbrella in its breathable bag to the side of your backpack.

    Product Type: Kamera Regenschutz
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    General information

    Product Type Camera general accessories, Camera rain protection
    Product Color Marine
    Width 1140mm
    Weight 370g
    Length 1000mm
    Transport Length 760mm


    Transport Length 760mm


    Girth 960mm
    Height of Packaging 35mm
    Length of Packaging 800mm
    Packaging Material Polybag/Carton
    Transport Length 760mm
    Weight incl. Packaging 479g
    Width of Packaging 45mm

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    Product Color Black, Grey
    Material Man-made fibre
    Weight 325g


    Girth 778mm
    Height of Packaging 14mm
    Length of Packaging 250mm
    Packaging Material Polybag/Carton
    Weight incl. Packaging 400g
    Width of Packaging 250mm


    Girth 1235mm
    Height of Packaging 235mm
    Length of Packaging 1160mm
    Packaging Material Polybag/Carton
    Weight incl. Packaging 879g
    Width of Packaging 255mm

    • 1x walimex pro Swing handsfree Umbrella navy blue, incl. umbrella bag, fabric bag with 2 clips and Velcro, and two fixing straps
    • 1x walimex pro Carrier System f. swing handsfree Umbrella

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