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Our Warranty (Garantie)


The brands Walimex, Walimex pro and Mantona are known for high-quality workmanship, best functionality, and customer-oriented service.

In order to emphasize our extraordinary level of service, we grant a 24-month warranty (Garantie) on all of our products. In addition, we grant a 6-year warranty for all lenses with manual focus (MF) from SAMYANG as well as Walimex and Walimex pro lenses with a purchase date of 01.06.2015. All SAMYANG autofocus lenses (AF) are guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase. This warranty (Garantie) is not valid retroactively for lenses bought before 01.06.2015. We also provide a 2 or 5 year warranty (Garantie) for all Mantona products (see product information).
Especially for all milled products of the Aptaris series we provide a warranty (Garantie) of 30 years. Wear parts, moving parts and products that do not consist of aluminum are not subject to warranty (Garantie). Whether your product is subject to the 30 years warranty (Garantie), is shown by the warranty (Garantie) seal which is placed at the corresponding product description.


Items that are sold specifically as B-stock are not covered by this warranty (Garantie).

If you want to make use of our warranty (Garantie), please contact us via e-mail at or via a phone call. Often the problem is effectively solved with a tip or some advice and you do not have to send it in. For sending in a product, some return information has to be adhered to, which, however, ensures a quick and secure handling.

Regarding the process, there are only few requirements with us, usually governed by law:

This warranty (Garantie) does not limit the claims of the end-use consumer against their supplier (specialist dealer).
As an end-use consumer, you are entitled to the statutory warranty (Gewährleistung) claims directly against the specialist dealer/supplier.

The beginning of the extended warranty (Garantie) is determined by the date of sale to the end-use consumer, the duration is limited to 24 months beginning with this date. In the case of a claim under the warranty (Garantie), evidence for this is to be provided in the form of the original receipt (invoice or picking note) at submission.


You can only make a claim on the warranty (Garantie) by WALSER, if you provide us with your device and all documents necessary for verification. Documents are the invoice by WALSER, or, if applicable, by the supplying dealer, as well as a description of the error. The documents have to be enclosed with the return. The shipment has to be made free of charge for us (door delivery).

The warranty (Garantie) by WALSER is valid in Europe, in the territory of the European Union, the European Economic Area, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Switzerland. Purchased and used exclusively in these countries. If the country of use differs from the country of purchase, service is provided in accordance with the regulations and conditions in the country of use, unless the warranty (Gewährleistung) period in the country of purchase is longer than in the country of use. In this case, the warranty (Gewährleistung) period equals that of the country of purchase.

Extent of warranty (Garantie): The extended warranty (Garantie) is limited to verifiably apparent deficits due to fabrication and/or material errors. Blemishes and paint flaws are explicitly not covered by the warranty (Garantie). The warranty (Garantie) is carried out at the choice of WALSER by repair, replacement of defective components, exchange of the complete device or payment of the acquisition price. In the case of billing with foreign currencies, the exchange rate of the day applies. No warranty (Garantie) claims can be asserted for parts subject to wear and tear, for expendable materials, batteries, rechargeable batteries, flash tubes, paper backdrops, lamps, transport damages, in the case of unauthorized interference, against products that have been changed compared to the as-delivered condition, improper operation (not adhering to the instruction manual), hit, blow, fall, insufficient care and/or cleaning, excessive wear and contamination, use of wrong material, stroke of lightning as well as fluid and acid damage of any kind. Also excepted from the warranty (Garantie) are devices which have had the serial number removed.

Work undertaken on devices within the scope of the warranty (Garantie) or warranty (Gewährleistung) does not extend the warranty (Garantie) or warranty (Gewährleistung) period.

Goodwill of any kind remains at sole decision of the service supervisor of WALSER.

Generally the following applies: in a warranty (Garantie) case, warranty (Gewährleistung) case or after the warranty (Garantie) period in a case of damage, get in touch with us. We are sure to find a solution with you quickly and unbureaucratically.

Senefelderstraße 23
86368 Gersthofen